Reflection of 2010

A quick and hopefully not too boring review of 2010...

Summer - Huge year for accomplishment as I completed both Physiology and Microbiology, a high A in both. I was a TA for Anatomy, which I loved. The first half of the year was more challenging for me and the family, kinda stressfull with Scarlett's skin graft, my school , and Kevin trying to work and handle the house. We made it past and the 2nd half of the year was way better. I have been running regularly and joined the gym which I love! My favorite book this year is the Hunger Game trilogy, Go Katniss!Oh and I got boobies!

Kevin - Mr Mom award. Kevin took over mom duty as I was in school and studying ALL the time. An average day goes like this. Work in the morning, pick up Ava from school, come home, homework, snack, drop off at karate,  go pick up Scarlett from daycare, go pick Ava from karate, then go pick me up from school, get home in time to eat dinner... This year was also an amazing garden year for Kevin as he has perfected our garden to produce large quantities of veggies. He has it down like a science, completely surpassed my gardening skills. Fishing was the worse than it has ever been, maybe that means it is about to look up for 2011.

Ava - Learns to read, lost a bunch of teeth, got bangs, got a bearded dragon named Beasty, got mice, got rid of mice, went  from pre-karate to youth basic karate. Still a toe walker but much better than last year. Read the Legend of the Guardian books, and fell in love (obsessed) with owls. Still crazy about dragons. She has bloomed to an amazing artist and is always doing art projects. Ava is still and will most likely always be a perfectionist, becoming very frustrated when things dont turn out just right. Started her new school, Santa Cruz Garden and is loving it. Favorite Song - Teenage Dream by Katy Perry

Scarlett - Started walking, running, sprinting, climbing, doing wild and dangerous stunts. Started day care and loves it. Got a 2nd degree burn and skin graft on her arm, which we are still dealing with. Loves Yo Gabba Gabba, Dora, Diego, and anything that her sister loves.  Grew into a super funny toddler who manages to make us laugh all the time, especially when she is about to get in trouble (which is often) Perfected the art of growling, pushing, hitting, spitting and then running away super fast. Favorite Song - Teenage Dream by Katy Perry

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December 2010

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