Notes from the Womb - 16 weeks

I made it to my second trimester, thank the gods! I feel so much better, no more noxious urges to puke my guts out. I am starting to be able to drink water when I am thirsty, rather than just pining for it.  Drinking anything used to make me feel super sick.

My boobs are still growing, if that is even possible. They are crazy huge, and not in a sexy way. They have a freaky network of blue veins which make me look like a road map of an urban metropolis.

The best part about being pregnant has arrived. Earth shaking orgasms, and I meant that to be plural. I learned that my blood volume has increased by 30% which is what I have to thank for these life altering moments. It makes me sad knowing this is my last pregnancy and I only have 6 more months left of debilitating orgasms in my entire life. I try not to think about that and just enjoy it.

I have a few hours of zombie like exhaustion that hits mid day and is gone by tea time. I have not given up my English breakfast tea, these 2 cups a day are what keep me going.

I am still running! This is my biggest accomplishment, other than getting preggers to begin with. My morning exercise routine is what keeps me sane in my busy life. Its like if I get to work out, it does not matter what happens for the rest of the day, I already had my me time.

Stay tuned to week 20 when I find out the gender!!!

16 Weeks 

Mosquito War

Mosquitoes have taken over our house! They sneak in during the day and hide in wait for us to go to sleep.

I climb into bed completely exhausted and just start to trickle off to sleep when it happens. ZZZZZZzzzzz right in my ear. I have to get up turn the lights on, get the bug zapper and destroy. Half the time I cant even find the little bugger. It can go on like this for a couple hours. Im telling you, it is worse than having a newborn.

Our nightly ritual involves the 4 of us going from room to room hunting these obnoxious bugs. The kids get really into it, flashlights and all.

Kevin and I have to sleep with our duel bug zappers in hand. The only light at the end of this tunnel is that winter is quickly approaching. I am hoping for a good night sleep as soon as we get our first frost.

Hot Sauce Anyone?

I received a 4 pack of Cholula Hot Sauce to test out. Another perk of blogging!

I invited our friends over and made a delicious Mexican fiesta with enchiladas, rice and beans. We took this job very seriously and tested each of the four varieties.  I was a bit nervous about testing hot sauce because I can only handle so much spice, but was surprised to find that they were not all that spicy but more flavorful.

My favorite was the lime and everyone else loved the garlic, followed by the original, last the chipotle. Totally delicious and not too spicy. My only criticism is that we used a bunch on one meal, I think we will mow through them too fast! Thanks Cholula!

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