Recipe for Vomit

1 tsp Children's Tylenol + 3 oz cold milk + 104 degree fever = Projectile Vomit

I awake to fussy Scarlett at 1:08am. Her fever is back up to 104 so I measure out the 1 tsp of neon pink Children's Tylenol which she takes like a champ. She asks for cold milk which I gladly give her as I am trying to keep her hydrated. She downs this in maybe 1 minute and immediately pukes everywhere. Two year olds do not know how to throw up so I hold her face over her bed hoping it catches it all rather than me or the floor. She seems to empty her entire stomach and then cleanup begins.

Kevin strips the bed, I strip her, clean her, and get new pjs. We still have the high temp to deal with so I switch to Children's IB Profrin. After the second dose of medicine she says I want to watch a show. She thinks its morning! I take her back to her room, lay her down, and rub her back. I need to make sure the medicine stays down so I sit next to her bed. Its cold in her room and I am trying to not gag as I realize I also have throw up on my clothes and it is fricken disgusting.  After about 20 minutes, when I think she is asleep, I do my most impressive ninja crawl out of the room. I quickly change my clothes and hear mommy, mommy...

It is now 2:00am and I am sitting freezing next to Scarlett's bed. She is now asking for her pink hat,  her pillow pal, her kitty pet shop, then her dora. Ava says - can you stop talking? So I move Ava to the couch and grab a blanket for myself and lie on the floor, which smells like vomit. Scarlett gets crabby and frieks out because she cant get the hat to Velcro closed just like she wants it to. I am trying to be calm and collected because I know she is sick, but I just want to go to bed.

3:30am - After and hour on the freezing floor, haggling about toys and hats, I figure the medicine has to be working. She is past the point of throwing up and I said good night and then head for my cozy bed where I immediately put my frozen feet on Kevin. I figure if I am up getting her to bed, he can at least be my foot warmer when I am done...

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