Fingers in the Window - Woops Sorry

I got Scarlett in the car to take her to preschool. The windows were covered in water as they normally are so I rolled the windows down as I always do and rolled them back up to hear a loud scream from Scarlett. I immediately rolled them down and got out to check her fingers for damage. They had window lines on them, and she was very upset, but nothing broken, poor baby.

 As I am trying to calm her down Kevin walks out to see whats going on and when I tell him, he gets mad.  You see when Scarlett hurts herself, which is often, Kevin  gets mad, and when it was avoidable, he gets really mad. He said how that is a stupid thing to do with her in the back and I should have know not to do that. (he later apologized) You see I know this, I know it was dumb, but I just did not have the foresight to predict it. Its our routine, we do this every day so we can see out the windows. I felt terrible and wanted to cry myself. At this point Scarlett is quietly watching Kevin and I squabble about how stupid this was. I wonder if all dads know that us moms are our harshest critics, and them aiding in the critique does not help at all but just makes us feel worse.  I learned my lesson, dont roll the babies window up with out watching for fingers.

Mice in the Tub

So I am in a bit of a pickle. About 6 months ago I convinced the family we should get mice. We got 2 cuties and named them Cookie and Pearl.  Even though they poop when you hold them, they are super sweet and fun to play with. Pearl  disappeared  one day which left a very sad Cookie (we have 3 cats who LOVE mice). We got a male to keep Cookie company, but he is super messy and even more stinky than the females.

The cats attack the cage and have knocked it over a few times creating mouse cage explosion, which sucks. So we have to keep them in a safe place in our small house. The only spot where they are safe from cat carnage is the bathtub.  This means daily moving them in and out so we can bathe, as well as cleaning the grossness out of the tub as they manage to shoot poops out of the cage. Dont ask how, but they get it quite far as if they have missile poop shooters in their butt. The worst part is that we have to keep the door closed to keep the cats out, which creates stinky, humid, poopy mouse room. It is so gross.

 I am trying to convince Ava to get rid of them and get a snake! She is on board but have to convince Kevin, he says "No more animals"

Spider has a Vagina

Scarlett got a new book about bugs for her birthday and she is convinced this spider has a vagina. I explained to her it is actually a mouth, but she is adamant it is a gina, as she likes to call it. I  have to admit she is quite observant and I wonder if the illustrator did this on purpose?

Scarlett turned 2

Scarlett turned two and I ask myself Where did the year go? It flew by with a smooth start as she began daycare, then a rough patch when she got her burn and skin graft, then continued to evolve into her headstrong, do it myself kind of girl. After a year and a half of the 'cry it out' sleep method she finally sleeps through the night, mostly.  Don't believe it when people say it only takes a week, not in my family. Our average is from 1 to 2 years of crying (at bed-time and in the middle of the night), then smooth sailing, mostly. Now here we are on her 2nd birthday and she happened to have 4 time-outs today, she is truly embracing the meaning of being two. I mean who can blame her for wanting to climb on the kitchen table, or take Ava's favorite toy owl away, and ignore daddy when he says NO, leave the wind chime alone! She turns two today December 18th, my little baby is growing up, where did this year go?

2nd Level Yellow Belt

Ava earned her 2nd level yellow belt, the one with the orange stripe. It was extra special because both myself and Kevin were able to go watch her test. Normallt Kevin has to stay home with the wild little sister, who cant sit quietly for more than 5 minutes. Ava's best friend Tommy was babysitting (with his dad, Uncle Andy)  I managed to drop Scarlett off with a bag of toys, but no diapers. Woops!

She is so proud!
After testing we got burritos for Ava's special night, got all the way home and realized they gave us another families order for eggplant burritos with green tortillas, to say the least Ava was bummed. I drove back and got the yummy burritos, anything for my 2nd level yellow belt. So proud of you Ava Dawn.
Ava and her fellow Yellow Belts

My 1st time

I am new to this blog business. It could be a phase, but if not I figure what a great way to keep track of all the happenings in my life.

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