# 862

Three years ago I embarked on a long journey to get on the Cabrillo College wait list for their nursing program. Scarlett was 4 weeks old when I took my 1st class, Medical Terminology. I remember thinking it would take forever to get all the required classes completed.

I then took Anatomy, Physiology, and then Microbiology. I lucked out and met an amazing friend, mother, and study partner, Renee who helped me make it through the madness with a positive outlook. Anatomy and Physiology were the hardest classes I have ever taken in my entire life. Hard, is an understatement, these classes were debilitating.

I remember being sick on and off throughout the year. This was also a really hard year on our family and marriage. We had a 1 year old and I was at school all the time and when I was not in school I was studying and when I was not studying I was thinking about school. Oh and I was also a T.A. for Anatomy while also taking physiology. Now that I look back I can see why it was so hard on Kevin. When I was in it, I just thought he was being unsupportive, but now I can see he was overwhelmed.

This is when Scarlett got her burn. I remember having to beg the doctors to make a special time to see Scarlett that did not conflict with my midterm. The burn clinic only saw patients the same days I was in school. It was the most challenging year of my life. I have been told these classes are much harder than the courses in the nursing program itself. That is a comforting thought.

Luckily we made it through and I finished the required classes with Microbiology which was packed full of fun and hands on stuff like E.Coli, Strept, and so many other infectious agents.

 I sent off my application and it was returned 2 times for errors. Long story short, third times a charm and I received my acceptance to the nursing program waiting list. I am lucky number 862 which is equivalent to 3.5 to 4 years until my number is up. Its been a long journey and stage one is finally complete. Hallelujah!!

High Fructose Butt Leakage

My nephew, Alexander eats super healthy. He chooses to not eat high fructose corn syrup claiming it is not good for us. I found it a pain to find products without this ingredient. I thought he was being silly and just a young pre-teen needing a cause to stand behind.  I mean come on, are you going to die from a bit of freaky syrup?

I am now converted to the cause. I have banned all the cereal with this strange man made additive. I know that it wont really hurt us, but I figure if I have a choice, I prefer to not eat it. According to most naturalists, this is a really bad additive for us to eat regularly.

That being said, Scarlett saw the commercial for Tony the tiger selling his frosted flakes and begged her daddy to buy them for her. So of course, Kevin comes through and brings home sugar cereal dusted with high fructose butt leakage.  Oh well, I figure a little bit now and then wont kill us, but I am forever converted. Thanks Alexander!

Durbin Day

Ava and I have awaited this day for a while now. I was naive enough to assume James Durbin would win American Idol and for sure make the final three. In my opinion he was and is the best on the entire show. When we found out he was eliminated on Wednesday night we were both shocked and sad.  Surprisingly, American Idol gave him the ok to do his Santa Cruz homecoming show.

Kevin drove us close to the boardwalk and we walked the rest of the way.  We were over an hour early but it was already extremely crowded. Luckily, we found a great spot up on the upper level where Ava could sit on top of a recycle bin. Right when we get settled in, the security told everyone on the top level that they were not allowing any more people in, so we could not leave.

We patiently waited for an hour and a half for his arrival. It was a truly awesome moment. I know this sounds so cheasy but I could feel the unity of Santa Cruz in the air. So many people of Santa Cruz flocked to the boardwalk to support out local inspirational rock star.

I was proud to take Ava to her first concert of her life. We had a memorable time and are forever James Durbin fans.   Here are the three songs he sang. He is such a gifted artist!

Santa Works at Trader Joes

Scarlett is convinced that Santa works at Trader Joes. There is this man who works there who has a classic long gray beard, bushy eyebrows and the glasses too. Scarlett looks for him each trip to TJs. He plays along and gives her stickers.

Today on a quick trip to Traders, she saw him and screamed at the top of her lungs Santa Santa!! So we had to get into his line and she hides behind my legs when he talks to her. He even wished her a Merry Christmas and a Ho Ho Ho. How lucky are we to have Santa all year long at our favorite store. I guess even Santa has been hit hard by the economy...

Rolie Polies are the Best

Scarlett is taking after her bug loving sister more and more each day. Her newest form of entertainment is to find bugs and carry them around until she looses them or accidently kills them. We have armies of rogue bugs living through out the house.  She loves her bugs so much that she cant even put them down while she eats her peanut-butter and jelly sandwich.  I made a rule that says - If your eating, your bugs have to be in a container.

You know how some parents use the TV as a babysitter? Recently I have been finding  a few rolie polies from the compost and setting Scarlett up with some bugs and some toys. I can then get a pile of dishes cleaned. I swear I get about 5 minutes per bug and for all you mommies out there, you know how precious these 5 minutes of uninterrupted time is. I can do anything from dishes, computer work, to laundry.

I love bugs. Rolie polies are the best because they have a hard time getting away. Lady bugs are great too, but they fly away so fast. Baby spiders are one of her favorite, even though they keep making webs and diving out of her hands. Luckily our house is full of baby spiders, we are practically breeding them. (I am not the best housewife, buts thats for another blog) She loves stink bugs, but they are too fast for her. Snails are way to slimy and gross. She loves pincher bugs and so far has not got pinched. I am trying to keep her from bringing the bumble bees in the house even though she thinks they are sooo cute.

 So, I recommended to all of your bug loving kids out there to find them some rolie polies, they are the best!

Lost in the Woods!

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