School Pick up & Drop off Insanity

1 of the TWO No Parking signs
School is back in session and I have to vent about the insanity during  pick up.

The signs clearly say NO PARKING ANY TIME, so why does everyone park their fricken car and wait for their kids to slowly meander their way your direction? Even in the morning there is a line of empty parked cars. Drop off is mess.

I cant help by be irritated as I  park a couple blocks away, often waking my sleeping 2 year old to schlep her to Ava's class. As I carry my hot sleeping child, huffing and puffing, I peak into their cars because I am so curious why they couldn't park and walk. Maybe they have an injury or possibly a litter of sleeping babies, this I could understand.  Most are on their phone or not even in the car. Why cant they park and walk like the rest of us?

The few that do have sleeping cargo, I forgive. I get it, I personally would rather wake Scarlett than become one of those parents who park in the no parking zone. The signs are there for a reason, and that is to make drop of and pick up easy as pie.

 Now its just a big tangled line of double parked cars. Not to mention its unsafe for the kids and makes the jobs of the attendants who help kids get in and out  much harder... I want to give them a medal, they sure earn it, especially on Fridays which is the worst pick up day of the entire week!

Ok, I'm done venting, but puhleese people read the signs, park and walk a couple blocks, or keep driving in a circle, it sure help things go  smoother for the rest of us.

The madness at pick up

In God We Trust

I was driving Ava and her friend Tommy to the river today. Tommy was reading the script on a fake million dollar bill which said In God We Trust. Ava replied  I dont believe in God. Tommy asked her why and she said that she doesn't believe that He is up there floating in the sky. Tommy earnestly replied No, he isn't in the sky, He is in the clouds.

Then Tommy very seriously said - Do you at least believe in Santa Clause? Ava assured him that she does and that Santa is definitely real because he eats the cookies and milk she leaves for him...

I love the logic of children...

My new favorite things

Now that I am pregnant I have a new list of my most favorite things...

1. Unisom - This awesome, safe drug makes me function daily with out retching my guts out.

2. T.V. and DVD player - I am forever grateful for this cheap babysitter. Its doing a way better job than I am these days.

3. Macaroni and Cheese - I live in fear of running out of this neon chemically filled creamy meal.

4. My Husband - He manages to do the things I cant fathom doing such as changing the sheets  and cleaning up anything that smells gross.

Pregnant once again

We did it, literally. Were pregnant again after 4 months of trying. This time around I feel pretty gross like the 1st two pregnancies. Now when I feel noxious, it gives me a reassuring feeling that everything is going well.

During the last unsuccessful pregnancy, I felt great! I didnt have any of the unpleasant side affects. I was running 6 miles a day or getting buff in boot camp class. Now I am lucky if I can lift Scarlett into the grocery cart and get a dvd in the electronic babysitter.

All I want for dinner is breakfast or Mac and Cheese. You would think my kids would be happy, but they are weird and dont like Mac and Cheese or breakfast.

So wish us luck, keep those fingers crossed and I will keep you all posted.

Trip to the Country

The Wild Animals
We had our annual summer trip to our friends house in Laytonville, Mendocino. As always, it was amazing and it is Ava's favorite place to visit. The kids run wild all day long catching lizards, frogs, and any animal they can get their hands on. They play in the cattle trough, the mud puddles or take a trip down the zip line. These simple activities engage them for hours and it reminds me to take a deep breath and forget the trivial things that crowd my mind.

The day starts by milking the goats, feeding the chickens, then watering the garden.  We spent a day at the river, butchered a few roosters for stew, and had so much fun. My kids are natural country bumpkins and easily adapt to this slower paced lifestyle.  Coruna and Celena mesh so well with my girls, like true cousins.  We sure miss it there and will count the months until we can make it back! We love you guys!

Scarlett moments before getting bucked by a goat
Playing in the dirt

Cooling off in the cattle trough

Lost in the Woods!

Big Rock Hole Trail One sunny day we drove to Henry Cowell State Park to meet up with some friends who were camping there. They told us ...