School Pick up & Drop off Insanity

1 of the TWO No Parking signs
School is back in session and I have to vent about the insanity during  pick up.

The signs clearly say NO PARKING ANY TIME, so why does everyone park their fricken car and wait for their kids to slowly meander their way your direction? Even in the morning there is a line of empty parked cars. Drop off is mess.

I cant help by be irritated as I  park a couple blocks away, often waking my sleeping 2 year old to schlep her to Ava's class. As I carry my hot sleeping child, huffing and puffing, I peak into their cars because I am so curious why they couldn't park and walk. Maybe they have an injury or possibly a litter of sleeping babies, this I could understand.  Most are on their phone or not even in the car. Why cant they park and walk like the rest of us?

The few that do have sleeping cargo, I forgive. I get it, I personally would rather wake Scarlett than become one of those parents who park in the no parking zone. The signs are there for a reason, and that is to make drop of and pick up easy as pie.

 Now its just a big tangled line of double parked cars. Not to mention its unsafe for the kids and makes the jobs of the attendants who help kids get in and out  much harder... I want to give them a medal, they sure earn it, especially on Fridays which is the worst pick up day of the entire week!

Ok, I'm done venting, but puhleese people read the signs, park and walk a couple blocks, or keep driving in a circle, it sure help things go  smoother for the rest of us.

The madness at pick up

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