My New Tatas

Since having my babies, I have always entertained the wild idea of getting boobies, but thats all it was - an idea. Then my sister paved the way and bought herself an awesome rack. Her journey into plastic surgery demystified the process and I decided to meet with her plastic surgeon, who happened to be named Dr. Kearney. Meant to be?

Let me back up a bit with the story of my little boobies. I nursed both my girls, but had what I call a mega-boob. My right stopped producing milk when Ava was 6 months and stopped  when Scarlett was 4 months. I kept nursing both of them on my one mega-boob. I am not exaggerating, it was crazy big and the other one was back to pre-baby size. My midwife said in her experience she had never seen a case like this, yeah for me! After I was done nursing I had 2 different size breasts and my left was much lower than the right.

The doctor explained I would need a lift and he would cut around the nipple to insert the implant. I tried on a bunch of sizes from porn star big to more modest sizes as well as both saline and silicone. I was sold, and made the decision that I really did want to go through with this. I was fortunate enough to have my dad agree to pay for the surgery, thanks dad. I chose 339cc silicone. Why choose silicone or saline? If you are fairly thin like myself, silicone is a better option. They both feel the same but a saline implant may show the ripple lines on the bag if you have no other breast tissue. The surgery was set for August 9th. I would leave the kids with Kevin and stay with my sister for 5 days to recover.

When I told my friends my plan, they were shocked and many asked Why? I didn't have a great answer other than, because I want to. I understand why people were shocked. I am a bit of a hippie and probably Dr. Kearney's only patient ever who does not shave her legs. I was super nervous and hoped I was making the right decision, but it felt right.

The surgery went smoothly and I did a lot of sleeping and resting the next few days. I was so thankful to be  taken care of and not have to worry about my kids, they were having fun with daddy.  The 1st day was the worst, I could barely go pee by myself, thankfully my sister Kristi knew exactly how to care for me as she went though this months earlier.

The first couple weeks were crazy, my boobs were freaky looking! The left one was whacky ginormous and the right was super high. I thought -  What have I done? I spoke with the doctor many times and sent him a ton of pictures to be reassured that surgery takes time to heal and to relax. After a couple months, they normalized, if you call big perky breasts after 2 kids normal.  After 3 months, I fell in love with them. There was definitely a big adjustment period from my old mom boobs to my new perky, big breasts.

Five months later I am super happy with my decision and I love my new boobs. I still look down after the shower and think Woah, look at those!  I am happy to share my before and after pics if anyone is interested, just shoot me an e mail.

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