Friday, January 14, 2011

Parenting Styles

My parenting style  - I try to diffuse the situation, find a middle ground and make both kids happy, which usually takes a while and involves lots of talking.

Kevin's parenting style - Time out in your crib or room, throw it away, break it or burn it, a little yelling, end of story.

For example, Ava and I walk into the house from karate class to see  Scarlett holding Ava's little home made paper toy which took her a very long time to make.When Ava saw this she went ape-shit and ripped it out of Scarlett's grasp. The  screaming and crying began and I hid in the kitchen and nursed my wine. By the end of the day I am often  too tired to deal with it.  To everyones astonishment, Kevin grabbed the toy and threw it in the fire. This caused the screams to take a higher note and in seconds both girls were on the floor having a fit.

I thought it was extreme but eventually they both calmed down and it seems to have had a lasting impression. Dont freak out over a toy when Daddy is around.  I use his strict, old school style to my advantage as I can threaten with "Do you want me to get your dad?!"


  1. I can't wait to use "you wait until your dad gets home!" But some how I doubt Calvin will buy it.


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