Were Preggers!

The other day it was time, yet again to pee on the stick. When I did I got only one line... But it was a bit early so the next night, I did it again and to my surprise there was a very faint 2nd line. Does this count? The picture on the box had 2 dark pink lines. Being an optimist, I drank more than my fair share of wine, hoping this would be my last harah for a while.

The next morning, feeling fairly hungover,  I peed on another cheap dollar store test and got a second faint line. Yeah, this must mean I am preggers. Kevin was in denial and said, your not pregnant, those tests are cheap. So I went and bought an expensive test and yet again got 2 very pink lines.

Baby number 3 due September 28th. Yippie we get to do it again!

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