Never Shake a Keiki

I would say I am a very patient mom. However, in the middle of the night I am a freaky explosion waiting to happen. Last night I went to be at 11pm and at 11:30 as I was falling asleep, Scarlett starts because our cat, Apollo was sleeping on her. Do you think Kevin would be upset if Apollo mysteriously disappeared? I was so pissed I threw him and he did a flying summer-salt out the door. This is when Scarlett kept crying her mantra "I want milk"  I tried to stay calm for about a minute and then I blew my lid.

I grabbed her and squeezed her real tight and said in my meanest mommy growl "GO TO BED, MOMMY IS TIRED"  Then I placed threw her back in the crib, which pissed her off even more. She then began the banshi scream for milk, which I then decided to push her down and yell "BE QUIET" gave her a little shake and threw her blanket over her face. All this time, Ava is laying there watching me be a great role model. I know, so mean right? I felt terrible after I did it and thought what the hell is happening to me? I tried to fix it by using my nice mommy voice but she was now in a tail spin of tears eventually settling for her water sippy.

I felt like shit and stomped back to bed telling Kevin I wanted to skin Apollo, I had to blame someone. I laid in bed,  unable to sleep replaying my freak out over and over thinking how awful it was. And to be completely honest this was not the first time. My inner hulk seems to come out more when my kids are infants I should be over this by now. Maybe all mommys have an inner beast that only comes out at night, or maybe its just me...

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