Tampon on the wall

Kevin is so lucky to be in a house full of girls. Last month my sister and her kids were visiting which made our house even more estrogen charged. Ava and Ethan were taking a tubby and I had to get a tampon. They were discussing where a tampon goes, in your butt or vagina.

I did a double take and realized this was a teachable moment. So I got a tampon out, dont freak out, I did NOT demonstrate. I showed them how it works and pushed the cotton pony out of the applicator, explaining the process as I went along. Then I threw it in the tubby and they went wild with laughter. Mission accomplished, now they know another important life lesson. Thats how I am, extremely honest and very up-front. I taught Ava about the birds and the bees when she was five. She is an animal lover and has watched hours of Discovery so it was not a big shock.

The next morning Kevin walks into the bathroom and quickly comes out and says Ava and Ethan, come here. He takes them into the bathroom and I hear them start cracking up. This is when my sister and I go in to see the demonstration tampon stuck up on the wall... Kids, they are sure good at making a serious topic a laughing matter.

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