Saturday, January 15, 2011

Can I please poo alone??

What is up with toddlers needing to go in the bathroom when moms have to poo?! Scarlett thinks this our morning ritual and she freaks out if I dont let her. I basically have 2 choices. 1 - Let her scream and cry outside the door, which sucks and induces stage fright. 2 - Let her come in with me, which is what I do. It is very annoying and she often has to  grab her favorite toys, like a play-date or something. What gives? Is this a normal mother daughter bonding thing or just plain weird?

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  1. Thomas love to take my tampons apart (engineer mind). Then I caught him getting on the potty with part of the applicator. I waited to see what/where he was going to put it :-)!
    He just gently touched it to his bottom and said all done and thew it away (I was relieved he did not hurt himself!!) Guess there are some things I just should not do in front of my little boy.
    Looks like I need to start my own blog for stories like these!!
    So yes, it is all normal, and bonding, to share your bathroom experiences with your kids (and pets)!!


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