Friday, January 7, 2011

Playboy Playdate

A funny thing happened today. Ava had a new friend from school over today for their first play date. I had a meeting to run to but Kevin would be here, so I set then up with a bunch of magazines and things to make a collage. When I returned I saw a big stack of Playboy magazines on the table. Awww shit, did Ava and her friend make a booby collage?! When I spoke with Ava she didn't even realize this was a weird thing.  I had to explain to her how our carefree attitude about nudity is not how the rest of the world is and in the future to not get out the titty mags when she has friend over. Luckily, they did not use any naked pics and I hope her new friend was not too weirded out. I guess I will find out if her mom lets her come over again.  Note to self, kids are getting older - must put away the playboys during play-dates...


  1. Ahaha! That is pretty awesome. Also, way to handle it're, like, some sort of grown up or something.


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