Thursday, September 8, 2011

Notes from the Womb - 10 weeks

Well, were still pregnant so thats great!

I am waist deep in the awesome side affects of pregnancy. I have not had morning sickness but it is more like all day sickness. I seem to be leaking gas which manages to clear the room. I turn into a grumpy bear around meal time.

I get crazy tired mid day and feel like I am sleep walking. My heightened sense of smell of my families breath is unbearable. My poor kids have to brush their teeth twice, floss, and use a tongue scraper before I am satisfied.

 My boobs are humongous and sensitive which isn't that cool considering they were already pretty plump to begin with.  No nookie in these here parts, sorry hunny I might puke on you.

That being said I am almost out of the gross stage, woo hoo!! I cant wait to feel human again!

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