Homeschool Hell

We have began a new chapter in the Carney family, Home-school...

Scarlett and Ava hit the ground running and seem to have mastered this new concept of distance learning. Willa on the other hand, has turned into a sassy, argumentative, Tasmanian devil. This is an example of a typical morning.

7:00 am - Willa wakes up and has a fit because she cant watch t.v before she starts school. She cries, yells, screams, tells us we are the meanest parents in the world.... No t.v. in the morning is actually a consequence from the major meltdown she had yesterday about refusing to turn the t.v off to start school.

7:30 am - She refuses to get dressed, no big deal its home-school!

8:00 am - I ask her what she wants for breakfast, she replies Waffles and then says "I want waffles because it's hard for you to make... real sweetheart huh?

8:30 - After a full belly Willa is ready to work. After watching half of her 10 minute math lesson and refusing to watch the rest and starts the assignment.  She claims she doesnt need to watch the actual lesson as she already knows how to do it. (I let her win this one) She stops a few  times to *wrap herself in warm laundry * try on 2 different sweatshirts that she claims smell bad *finds one that does not smell bad *cuddle our dog Silver *finds a hurt bee and makes a home for it and then finally finishes the math assignment...

9:30 - Hallelujah! Willa has turned a corner and decided to cooperate and get her work done. But mutters things like "Can you write it for me? How about you write one part and I write the other? Do I really have to do all of it?"

10:00 - Must stop and jump on the trampoline, tell me all about her new favorite horse show, play with the cat, then the rats, sharpen her pencil many times, then more work.

11:00 - Lunch time, snuggle dogs, wander around the yard finding flowers for the bee, then more work. She is starting to burn out but the end is in sight!

1:00 - Still more work to do. I try to explain to her that it would have been done by now if she just did it without all the dilly-dallying.

This 4 hour day could have been done in 2 but sweet Willa doesn't role that way. Some days are like this, others are smoother, and some are worse full of drag our screaming fits that must make our neighbors think we are performing an exorcist!

I sure appreciate our teachers, they are superheros and I cant wait for school to open in the fall! Were only 3 weeks in and 7 more to go, wish me luck!!!

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