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2014 Willa, 3 years old:
A diareah is when your on a bad vacation and you hold a baby on your lap and a wave crashes on it and it explodes. Then the hot lava comes and crashes on it and it will die and it mixes with the water.

October 2011 - Scarlett said "Mommy has a pokey vagina, I have a regular vagina, and daddy has a boy penis"

October 2011,  Ava - Wouldn't it be great if you could go in a plane and catch the clouds and eat them like ice cream?

September 2011 Scarlett said "I want a baby girl not a boy. A girl with a pink bow in her hair"

September 2011 - At Scarlett's check up, the doctor was feeling her stomach and she said "Mommy, he is hurting my baby" She seems to think she is also growing a baby...

June 2011

Scarlett - Daddy has a penis?
Me - Yes
Scarlett - Tommy has a penis?
Me - Yes
Scarlett - Lucas has a penis?
Me - Yes
Scarlett - Ethan has a penis?
Me - Yes
Scarlett - Thats a lot of penis...

March 20th - Scarlett said Mommy I have boogers and I eat them all gone in my tummy!

February 14th - Scarlett dropped her Tupperware full of snack in the back of the car and I hear her say Shit Titts, woops I guess I do say that too often... 

February 8th - Scarlett told Ava's karate instructor and a fellow parent that Mommy has a baby in her vagina. I guess she kinda gets it.

February 1st - I was reading Scarlett a book with a picture of a unicorn in it. I asked her what it was and she said a Penis

January 30th - We were at Safeway and Scarlett said she had a wood-chip, I asked her what that is and she said a wood-chip and tried to pull at her diaper. I checked and it was stuck in her butt. I explained to her this is not called a wood-chip but a weggie

January 28th - We bought Scarlett a new doll and she tried to cut its arm off on its first day home

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