Crazy Day with Scarlett

Sometimes the mornings can be challenging, and I am saying that nicely. Most days we get out of the house just fine. But a couple mornings each week, Scarlett has her own agenda and it has nothing to do with mine.

Take this morning for example.  Scarlett chooses her clothes every day, I gave up that battle a long time ago.  She chose to stay in her Minnie Mouse pajamas but still needed a fresh diaper and pants. I let her choose her diaper which is just silly because they are all the same. Then I attempt to put it on her and she runs away. I dont have time to play the chase game so I hold her down and she screams bloody murder. She is too darn strong so Kevin has to help me hold her down to dress her. She is now having a fricken crazy freak out. Try brushing a toddlers teeth when they are spitting venom, its not easy.

Once I get her dressed I have to lock her in her car seat to keep her from taking off her clothes while I get the rest of our stuff ready for school. She screams the entire drive to school. Scarlett also holds a grudge. She was so pissed at me she wold not let me carry her or hold her hand as we walked to her classroom. Once inside she broke down and clung to me like a spider monkey. As I say goodbye she cries crocodile tears for me at the door. Crazy mornings suck...

After day care the suckyness continued right where it left off. I tried to change her exploding poop diaper and she fought every second of it. She squirmed like a fish and managed to get poop on her foot and on the changing table, so gross. At this point I am truly pissed off. She is stinky and has poop up the puss, or as Scarlett calls it poop octopus. I mange to clean her off and have to put her in her car seat yet again to restrain her while I got our stuff together to go to the bank.

Fast forward to bed time. After the tubby Kevin is getting Scarlett dressed  which involves putting lotion on her arm scar and slipping on her arm band. Of course Scarlett has to do it ALL herself. She gets a handful of lotion on her hand and instead of putting it on her arm, she lotions her vagina. I try to hold back my laughter but it leaks out. She is such a wacky, stubborn, strong willed little girl. She often makes me crazy mad, and then she will do something super cute or funny I cant help but smile.

Men in Uniform

I dont know why, but I love men in uniform. I love any and all, anything from the classic firefighter, mechanic to the local PG & E guy. I dont think I am alone in my appreciation of these hard working men.

One afternoon 4 years ago, Ava and I just got out of the tubby. I was still toweling off and threw on some boy short panties and a teeny tank top when I heard a knock at the door. I peek out to see a strapping young police officer at my doorstep. Whats a girl to do but answer the door? Did I mention he had his motorcycle parked in my driveway? No pun intended.

He asked me if I called the police to report some kids throwing rocks. I said no, not me officer. Really I didnt.  He seemed a bit uncomfortable and I was surely blushing. He said I'm sorry to bother you both and turned to leave. I then remembered Ava peeking out behind my legs at the finely clad officer so I picked her up to say Hi to the police man and his motorcycle.

I seem to turn to mush when I am around people in uniform. I couldn't help but blush and think naughty thoughts throughout Ava's field trip to the local fire house. One of the firefighters was a woman, and I thought she looked lovely in her uniform! I tried to avert my stairs, but I think they thought I was just a very interested parent. I guess you could say both men and woman are super extra attractive in uniform. This timeless notion seems to cross both genders. Just walk by your local lingerie and adult store and you will most likely see a French maid or scaled down sailor suit in the window. Now if they only make a scaled down version of commercial fisherman attire, I would be in heaven!

Toddlers and Giant Sticks

Scarlett and Ava were playing with sticks. Big long sticks. They were being pretty cute and safe, not hitting or poking each other. I grabbed Scarlett's stick which had a sharp part on the end and broke off the sharp tip and handed it back.  I made the stick a safe toy.

Warning, warning, ESP, listen to your inner warning beacon, but no I handed the stick back thinking I made the 2.5 foot stick safer 2 foot stick. A moment later as I am making a dinner salad, I hear the dreaded scream. Not the you took my toy scream, or even the I fell off the table scream, but the I seriously hurt myself scream. I run and see her open mouth of pain and ask Ava what happened, like I even need to ask.

Ava says she poked her mouth with the stick. I grab Scarlett and start giving orders to Ava. Stupidly, my first order was for Ava to throw the stick out the front door. Yeah, this really helps the immediate situation. Then I demand a towel which I prompt Scarlett to spit what looked like a mouthful of blood. I can see it is mostly spit and a bit of blood. I start to feel a little better. I ask Ava for the mag light which lets me assess the damage. I see two little cuts in the back of her throat on the roof of her mouth. Thank goodness we dont need to go to the hospital. When things like this happens it takes a minute to figure out the plan of attack.

I calm her down and give her some Tylenol, but she keeps whimpering. She manages to eat a bit of polenta and then bed time is an utter mess. Scarlett keeps sobbing ow, ow, ow and I wish I could do anything to help her. I get out the big guns - Tylenol with codeine left over from her skin graft. I try my best to give it to her, but it ends up all over my face. She cries not stop for the next 45 minutes while I conjure my inner nurse for the courage to shove 2 more ml of codeine down her throat. I pretend she is someone else's kid and I manage to force it like giving medicine to a cat. She literally chokes it down as she gasps for air.  I could write a whole blog about the horrors of forcing Scarlett to take her medicine.

We have to put Ava on the couch so she can get some sleep. Scarlett manages to fall to sleep by 11pm and is up again at 1am. I give in and bring her in our bed where she tosses and turns saying ow, ow, ow. I move to Ava's bed where I finally get some sleep. At least Kevin got to stay in his bed. It is like musical beds these days in our house.

The moral of the story - DONT LET YOUR TODDLER PLAY WITH GIANT STICKS. Especially when they are crazy daredevils like Scarlett.


The phone rings at 4:53am and I hear Kevin's dad leaving a message. I jump out of bed, immediately assuming something is wrong. He tells us about the giant earthquake in Japan and how there is a tsunami warning for Santa Cruz.  I remember the last tsunami warning and I brush it off thinking it wont be a big deal.

We get up a bit later and Kevin heads to the harbor. I am waiting for him to come home because we have many errands to run today. After a couple hours I call him to see what the hold up is. He tells me in a stressed and rushed tone that he cant talk because he is trying to save his boat. What?! Is he serious? I put on the news and see live footage of the first surge rushing in through the harbor. I cant believe it, this isn't just an over-hyped event, but a giant body of water is literally surging into and then out of the harbor. I kept the news on and when they showed areal footage of the harbor, I would press pause when they panned over S dock to see if Kevin's boat was still there.

The huge amount of water caused many boats to break free from the ropes that secured them to the docks and float down the channel, banging into other boats as they made their way toward the ocean. Some entire docks broke off, boats and all and floating away like a ping pong down the harbor channel.

Kevin later tells me how the harbor patrol were trying to keep all the fisherman off their dock (good luck). They even went as far to put a locked chain on the gate to S dock. This of course provoked Kevin to climb over the fence, which made it so they had to unlock it as he was now locked on the dock. The sheriff was called to deal with the unruly fisherman who would not stay off the dock. For all of you who know Kevin, you can just imagine him being told he cant go save his boat but must remain a safe distance from the danger. Hah! Yeah right, silly to call the sheriff, he couldn't do anything.

The crazy thing is that this group of fisherman who have boats on S dock were saving not only their boats but busting their ass to keep debris from crashing into the other boats on the dock as well as securing the many broken lines. They should have been paid to be there, rather than treated as law breakers.  After all the surges had passed Kevin came home and his boat was still afloat, with no damage. I cant even begin to think what we would do if it went down...

 That being said I cant imagine the extent of the tragedy in Japan. I see photos and news broadcasts, but it seems so unreal. Their nightmare is just beginning and I feel so small and insignificant when confronted with the power of the forces of nature. All the day to day crap really doesn't matter but the fact that our families are here with us is what is important. I hate that it takes a tragedy to remind me of how lucky I am.

I miss my bunny

I remember the old days when I had a nightstand next to my bed full of fun toys. My long lost friend the spinning pearl rabbit, the bright assortment of cock rings, tingly lubes, and various buzzy things. Its not like I am now an old maid prude or anything, but having kids running around kinda kills the allure of owning spicy toys.

The moment that really convinced me to say adios to my toys was when Ava was two years old and walked out of our room chewing on a bright pink stubbly cock-ring. I first freaked out and then bust out laughing. I immediately wrestled her new found treasure out of her mouth and threw it in the trash. This spured me to clean out the closet so to speak. I have no secret place left in this house to hide things from my kids.  I said goodbye to my faithful playthings and ever since it has been me and my five fingered friend.  I guess you could say I am now going old school without all the bells and whistles.

Its not a big deal but every now and then after a few drinks I find myself pining over my long lost toys... I dont need them, I am fine with out them, but to be honest there are days when I miss them.  I dedicate this blog to my special rotating purple bunny, how I miss you.

The Land

When I was in high school I had a very specific vision of my future. When I grew up I wanted to be a stay at home mom, have a huge garden and be independently wealthy. I planned to marry my high school sweet heart, buy land and make a homestead. I figured the money would some how materialize. My wish did come true, but not at all how I thought it would. Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it.

I was with my high school boyfriend Ian for a total of 7 years. We shared a dream with his brother Colin and Colin's girlfriend CC.  This dream was to buy property and start a permaculture farm, which is a type of sustainable agriculture combined with a sustainable lifestyle.

When I was 17, the 4 of us drove to Mendocino in search of our future home arriving at dusk in the beginning of a snow storm. After driving on countless back-roads with our Topo map, we realized we were lost and it was getting dark, cold, and slushy.  Luckily, a man named Pete came out and explained to us where we were and how it is best to travel to the property in the morning. He so graciously offered us his guest bedroom instead of our tent. We stayed with Pete that night and shared a lovely dinner. The stars were aligned and we had not even seen the land yet.

In the morning we said our good byes to Pete and arrived at the amazing 29 acre parcel of raw land which had all of our criteria. Our property needed to have water, be south facing, have a flat site for building a home, and have a mostly drivable road.  It was everything we wanted, almost too good to be true, almost...

After much time and thought we made the decision to purchase the property by pooling all of our savings.  Part one if my dream was completed. Ian and I were still in college so we would make weekend trips up to "the land" when we could. Colin and CC moved up there soon after and build a hoop house to store their stuff and lived in a tent. We put in a garden and planted fruit trees.

In our senior year of college Ian and I went our separate ways.  You would think that would be the end of the story, but it was just the beginning. You see CC and I were best friends and I was also very close to his brother Colin. I continued visiting them every year on my own. "The Land" as we called it was like a sacred refuge to me. I could get away from the fast paced life I lived and live simply when I was there.  Colin and CC were my heroes because they were living the lifestyle they believed in.  They never passed judgment on others who lived a less earth conscious life, but they did their part. Living in Santa Cruz I hear so many people preach about treading lightly but it is so rare to actually see someone practice what they preach.

Over the years they put in a large pond, finished the road, and built their dream house. They built their home themselves using much lumber and mud from the property. The materials purchased were sustainably harvested and recycled. They have since had two amazing little girls, Coruna and Celena,  who are like cousins to my girls. Ava looks forward to our annual summer trip to visit our Mendocino family. She says it is her absolute favorite place to go to. She says she would rather go to Colin and CCs house than to Disneyland.

You may ask how this story relates to my dream coming true?  My original life plan did happen but through a twist of fate. Somehow my dream did materialize. I married my soul mate, had beautiful children, and have an awesome garden. I still am working on being independently wealthy... "The Land" was the first chapter in this story and I am so grateful for our decision to follow our dream and buy this property.  I recently read a quote that inspired me and it said - "What would you do if you could not fail?" I dont want to sound like a super Santa Cruz hippy, but I think we should all follow our dreams because they will most likely come true!

Colin, CC, Ian and Myself 1998

The main flat area which will soon be full of lush gardens 1998

Building the road

The Cabin is being built and the early garden 1999

Ava, Coruna, and Celena - Cute Cousins 2008

Me, Ava, and Coruna 2009

The cabin where the 4 of them lived for many years
until they built their dream house 2008

Years later, their cob/straw bale home is finished 2010

Colin, CC, and Scarlett 2010

Coruna, Ava, and CC milking the goat 2010

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