I miss my bunny

I remember the old days when I had a nightstand next to my bed full of fun toys. My long lost friend the spinning pearl rabbit, the bright assortment of cock rings, tingly lubes, and various buzzy things. Its not like I am now an old maid prude or anything, but having kids running around kinda kills the allure of owning spicy toys.

The moment that really convinced me to say adios to my toys was when Ava was two years old and walked out of our room chewing on a bright pink stubbly cock-ring. I first freaked out and then bust out laughing. I immediately wrestled her new found treasure out of her mouth and threw it in the trash. This spured me to clean out the closet so to speak. I have no secret place left in this house to hide things from my kids.  I said goodbye to my faithful playthings and ever since it has been me and my five fingered friend.  I guess you could say I am now going old school without all the bells and whistles.

Its not a big deal but every now and then after a few drinks I find myself pining over my long lost toys... I dont need them, I am fine with out them, but to be honest there are days when I miss them.  I dedicate this blog to my special rotating purple bunny, how I miss you.

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