Men in Uniform

I dont know why, but I love men in uniform. I love any and all, anything from the classic firefighter, mechanic to the local PG & E guy. I dont think I am alone in my appreciation of these hard working men.

One afternoon 4 years ago, Ava and I just got out of the tubby. I was still toweling off and threw on some boy short panties and a teeny tank top when I heard a knock at the door. I peek out to see a strapping young police officer at my doorstep. Whats a girl to do but answer the door? Did I mention he had his motorcycle parked in my driveway? No pun intended.

He asked me if I called the police to report some kids throwing rocks. I said no, not me officer. Really I didnt.  He seemed a bit uncomfortable and I was surely blushing. He said I'm sorry to bother you both and turned to leave. I then remembered Ava peeking out behind my legs at the finely clad officer so I picked her up to say Hi to the police man and his motorcycle.

I seem to turn to mush when I am around people in uniform. I couldn't help but blush and think naughty thoughts throughout Ava's field trip to the local fire house. One of the firefighters was a woman, and I thought she looked lovely in her uniform! I tried to avert my stairs, but I think they thought I was just a very interested parent. I guess you could say both men and woman are super extra attractive in uniform. This timeless notion seems to cross both genders. Just walk by your local lingerie and adult store and you will most likely see a French maid or scaled down sailor suit in the window. Now if they only make a scaled down version of commercial fisherman attire, I would be in heaven!

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