Lice Busters

War has taken place at the Carney house. Yesterday morning, Ava complained of itchy head, and sure enough she had little buggies, so gross. We got the Rid and did the treatment and spent the next 3 hours combing her hair to get all the dead lice out. We spent the rest of the day picking nits followed by 12 loads of laundry. Our house has never been cleaner. We treated Scarlett too even though we could not find anything on her head. Telling a 2 year old to sit still with stinky stuff on her head is almost impossible, she hated it.

Kevin checked me a bunch yesterday, no lice. But I wasn't convinced, see Ava and I share brushes and cuddle all the time, seems very likely I would get it. Sure enough, Kevin found one! One more trip to the store to buy the super duper Nix chemical that kills both the eggs and the lice. I treated Ava again and myself. I have to say this is one of the more challenging kid things to deal with. There is nothing grosser than bugs living off your head, burrowing, laying eggs, and reproducing.  Can I puke now?

We have 2 weeks of picking nits, more toxic chemicals and hiding out. Anyone want to come over and cuddle?

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