Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Making Babies

Making babies sounds fun right? In theory this is true, but when it comes to making babies on a schedule it can loose its luster. You see, I am a control freak and I want it to happen right away. Scarlett took a super long to conceive and Ava was a lovely surprise. We have no idea how long baby number 3 will take so I take all measures to make sure it happens on the first tries. I get out the calender and circle those ovulation days. I make sure to point this out to Kevin followed by  the warning - be ready or experience my wrath.

I buy those ovulation predictor tests from the dollar store. You have to pee in a cup and then dropper it on to the stick. Scarlett watched me with a look of horror on her face as I peed in her toy boat. She said "Mommy no pee in my boat!" Sorry hunny, I could not find a cup. Once you get 2 lines, get ready to rumble.

Then comes the act of actually doing it. A bit scheduled, but  fun, except when your 2 year old keeps waking up crying, talk about a mood killer. I solved this by giving her some milk, 4 ounces to be exact. Seems to be just enough time to get the job done.

Then a few weeks goes by and I pee on yet another stick to see only 1 line. Yippie we get to do it all over again!

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