Friday, January 28, 2011

Burn Update - 9 months post-op

Scarlett just had her 9 month post op appointment with Dr. Karanas, the head burn surgeon who did her skin graft on April 22nd. She said it looked very good. I assume to a trained eye it does, but to me it doesn't look so great.  She will have to wear her pressure bandage through this Summer at most, and keep sun off it for 2 years.

I learned two new pieces of information.
1) Scarlett will always have a scar
2) She may need further skin grafts if her graft impedes skin growth as she grows up and her arm lengthens.

She was very optimistic about the prognosis because her elbow and wrist joints have normal skin. Ideally this skin will compensate for the scarred graft skin. Only time will tell...

I cant help but feel really sad that my baby will forever have this incident physically imprinted on her body for the rest of her life. I know it is silly to point fingers, but it was my hot tea that burnt her, and my choice to have the chair next to the counter where I make the tea. I will stay optimistic about the future surgeries, but so far every time they said she may need a certain procedure, they have been correct.

Luckily Scarlett is rarely bothered by it and it could have been so much worse. I am so thankful it did not burn her face or her elbow joint. As far as 2nd degree burns go, it was a perfect burn, no serious complications. Hope to know more in three months at our next appointment.

Notice the healthy skin at her elbow joint and wrist

The Pressure Sleeve


  1. hey there i am following from MBC. i would love for you to come check out my blog and follow also.

    i read your post and i cant even begin to put my self in your shoes. I pray she heals fast and Praise God it did not land on her face like you said. What does a pressure sleeve do for the burn area?

  2. The pressure sleeve puts pressure on the graft, keeping it tightly pressed down at all time. This should help the scar not be as pronounced... It also is a great sun protection.

  3. Hi! I saw your feature on FTLOB and wanted to stop by. Her arm looks great and she looks so happy. What a trooper! Can't imagine how stressful this ordeal had to be for all of you ... so glad she is doing so well!


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