Thursday, January 6, 2011

Baba Confession

I have a confession, I still give my 2 year old a bottle. I know, I know crazy right! I have kept this little secret from most everyone. When asked by the doctor if Scarlett is still taking a bottle, I lied. It started innocent enough, she loved bottles as Kevin gave them to her when I was gone in school. Then we had it down to just one before nap and bed and kaboom, she got her burn and sleeping became a nightmare, she woke up all night long. We gave in and gave her bottles when ever she woke up crying, it did help, for a bit.

It worked great then, but now it sucks  - for real, I'm talking major suckyness -and its all our fault. She wakes up 2 to 3 times each night demanding a bottle, and when I give it to her cold, she demands warm. I mean come on, she is 2 and way too old for this but I cant blame anyone but myself. It saved me sleep  last year but now I am paying for it. And surprise, surprise she freaks out even more when Kevin tries to calm her, which means I get the awesome job of getting up with her all night long, boy am I lucky.  I should have know better, its not like I am new to this baby business.  I know when you give in now it just sucks later and here we are stewing in later.
Babas Be Gone!!!

Last night in between fetching babas I made a resolution, the baba has to go. We took Scarlett to the store to let her pick out  new milk sippies and we loaded up all the fricken babas and threw them away.  New rules - milk sippy before sleeping, and then NO MORE MILK, water only...

 She cried for 23 minutes before falling asleep, and I most likely have a crappy night ahead of me. My experience tells me that after a few sleepless nights with lots of crying (sorry Ava) the babas will be a  distant memory and I will sleep more than 2 hours in a row, wish us luck!!

New Milk Sippys

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  1. Good luck with this!! And we've done similar things with both X and Coco, they drank milk late and LOVED it...but I think 2 was the cut-off age (well, when I started to feel badly)...though admittedly I felt soothed when family members from Chile identified that many kids (girls?) drank theirs until 7 or 8 (a sort of siesta soother)...


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