Sunday, January 16, 2011

New Baby Amnesia

There must be some sort of biological process that happens to all new moms, causing them to forget those first 12 months. People decide to have more kids despite all the hardships that come with a new baby. I have to dig deep into my subconscious to remember how hard it really was. Its like all the hard times are are now covered in puffy clouds and rainbows. I remember it being was pretty easy, piece of cake. This amnesia seems to only affect moms.  Kevin brings me back to reality reminding me that it was not all a walk in the park.  After much thought, it does start to come back to me.

** Sleepless nights, I am just now sleeping 4 hours in a row (on a good night)

** Having a cling-on attached to my hip, oh wait, she is still there

** Why wont she stop crying? Why cant I stop crying?

** Family bed is really not that cool

** Jacked up right shoulder from sleeping with her in my armpit

** Squishy after baby body, so hot

** Blown out vagina &  hemorrhoids, so awesome

** No nookie for 6 weeks months, free birth control

** The bickering and irritation with my husband brought on by lack of sleep, so good for the marriage

** Waking up at 4am, love that sunrise

 Some how we forget how hard it really was and entertain the idea of doing it again...


  1. Hi! Stopping by from MBC. Great blog.
    Have a nice day!

  2. I always joke that's why God invented sleep...when they sleep they all look so beautiful and peaceful that's why we have more...

  3. Holly, you have a point, they are little angles when they are asleep (-:

  4. Haha. Amnesia is so totally funny. But then you're bounced RIGHT back to reality. It was NOT all fun and games. It was a beautiful time, but hard as well. I'm so glad I visited your blog from MBC. I'm following you from Mommy Delicious and would love it if you'd visit my blog and join the community as well.

  5. I am right there with you!
    New follower. Please follow back.

  6. You do forget that first year because the baby's are in that oh so cute phase. It came back to me when I starting keeping my Grandson over night. It seemed so easy when my kids were that age but I was exhausted after he left. I'm wondering if it my age. I found your blog on MBC and I love your blog.


  7. OMG that's so funny! I blogged about this same thing a few weeks ago! My son JUST turned a year and it blows my mind that people with kids my son's age AND YOUNGER are ready to do it again! Not me! I'm hoping I'm ready to do it again in three or four years... And that's not guaranteed... New follower from MBC!

  8. When I read this blog the first time, Vera was soo easy (though she was nearly terribly 2)and now, a few months later we're in it 200%. So hard sometimes, and she'll totally try to bite me or hit or anything, scream like.. jeez! And then again, just lovely. Hold my face in her lovely little hands and kiss my nose. This is a hard stage - exhausting!!


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