Friday, August 19, 2011

Pregnant once again

We did it, literally. Were pregnant again after 4 months of trying. This time around I feel pretty gross like the 1st two pregnancies. Now when I feel noxious, it gives me a reassuring feeling that everything is going well.

During the last unsuccessful pregnancy, I felt great! I didnt have any of the unpleasant side affects. I was running 6 miles a day or getting buff in boot camp class. Now I am lucky if I can lift Scarlett into the grocery cart and get a dvd in the electronic babysitter.

All I want for dinner is breakfast or Mac and Cheese. You would think my kids would be happy, but they are weird and dont like Mac and Cheese or breakfast.

So wish us luck, keep those fingers crossed and I will keep you all posted.


  1. How great - I'm so, so happy for you! Big congratulations and goodluck-wishes! With love/ Lena

  2. I followed over from FTLOB. Congrats on your pregnancy!! I wish you a very healthy and happy baby and a pregnancy without significant issues!

    Cheers, Jenn


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