Trip to the Country

The Wild Animals
We had our annual summer trip to our friends house in Laytonville, Mendocino. As always, it was amazing and it is Ava's favorite place to visit. The kids run wild all day long catching lizards, frogs, and any animal they can get their hands on. They play in the cattle trough, the mud puddles or take a trip down the zip line. These simple activities engage them for hours and it reminds me to take a deep breath and forget the trivial things that crowd my mind.

The day starts by milking the goats, feeding the chickens, then watering the garden.  We spent a day at the river, butchered a few roosters for stew, and had so much fun. My kids are natural country bumpkins and easily adapt to this slower paced lifestyle.  Coruna and Celena mesh so well with my girls, like true cousins.  We sure miss it there and will count the months until we can make it back! We love you guys!

Scarlett moments before getting bucked by a goat
Playing in the dirt

Cooling off in the cattle trough

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