High Fructose Butt Leakage

My nephew, Alexander eats super healthy. He chooses to not eat high fructose corn syrup claiming it is not good for us. I found it a pain to find products without this ingredient. I thought he was being silly and just a young pre-teen needing a cause to stand behind.  I mean come on, are you going to die from a bit of freaky syrup?

I am now converted to the cause. I have banned all the cereal with this strange man made additive. I know that it wont really hurt us, but I figure if I have a choice, I prefer to not eat it. According to most naturalists, this is a really bad additive for us to eat regularly.

That being said, Scarlett saw the commercial for Tony the tiger selling his frosted flakes and begged her daddy to buy them for her. So of course, Kevin comes through and brings home sugar cereal dusted with high fructose butt leakage.  Oh well, I figure a little bit now and then wont kill us, but I am forever converted. Thanks Alexander!

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