Thursday, December 23, 2010

Fingers in the Window - Woops Sorry

I got Scarlett in the car to take her to preschool. The windows were covered in water as they normally are so I rolled the windows down as I always do and rolled them back up to hear a loud scream from Scarlett. I immediately rolled them down and got out to check her fingers for damage. They had window lines on them, and she was very upset, but nothing broken, poor baby.

 As I am trying to calm her down Kevin walks out to see whats going on and when I tell him, he gets mad.  You see when Scarlett hurts herself, which is often, Kevin  gets mad, and when it was avoidable, he gets really mad. He said how that is a stupid thing to do with her in the back and I should have know not to do that. (he later apologized) You see I know this, I know it was dumb, but I just did not have the foresight to predict it. Its our routine, we do this every day so we can see out the windows. I felt terrible and wanted to cry myself. At this point Scarlett is quietly watching Kevin and I squabble about how stupid this was. I wonder if all dads know that us moms are our harshest critics, and them aiding in the critique does not help at all but just makes us feel worse.  I learned my lesson, dont roll the babies window up with out watching for fingers.

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  1. You're so right, and I hate it when that happens, and I hate it when they get hurt, and if it's my fault it's the worst and I find it really hard to stop beating myself up about whatever happened. And then if the dad come alongs and adds even more guilt to it... One time Vera fell in the stairs, and Stefan demanded: And how did that happen?? Like I'd let her play there on her own, like I was all stupid. Well, cause she's alive, and she's learning!! I got mad. Vera is a wild kid, climbs everything and gladly jumps down too. I was right there with her, and it happened anyway. Moms are humans too!


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