Mice in the Tub

So I am in a bit of a pickle. About 6 months ago I convinced the family we should get mice. We got 2 cuties and named them Cookie and Pearl.  Even though they poop when you hold them, they are super sweet and fun to play with. Pearl  disappeared  one day which left a very sad Cookie (we have 3 cats who LOVE mice). We got a male to keep Cookie company, but he is super messy and even more stinky than the females.

The cats attack the cage and have knocked it over a few times creating mouse cage explosion, which sucks. So we have to keep them in a safe place in our small house. The only spot where they are safe from cat carnage is the bathtub.  This means daily moving them in and out so we can bathe, as well as cleaning the grossness out of the tub as they manage to shoot poops out of the cage. Dont ask how, but they get it quite far as if they have missile poop shooters in their butt. The worst part is that we have to keep the door closed to keep the cats out, which creates stinky, humid, poopy mouse room. It is so gross.

 I am trying to convince Ava to get rid of them and get a snake! She is on board but have to convince Kevin, he says "No more animals"

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