2nd Level Yellow Belt

Ava earned her 2nd level yellow belt, the one with the orange stripe. It was extra special because both myself and Kevin were able to go watch her test. Normallt Kevin has to stay home with the wild little sister, who cant sit quietly for more than 5 minutes. Ava's best friend Tommy was babysitting (with his dad, Uncle Andy)  I managed to drop Scarlett off with a bag of toys, but no diapers. Woops!

She is so proud!
After testing we got burritos for Ava's special night, got all the way home and realized they gave us another families order for eggplant burritos with green tortillas, to say the least Ava was bummed. I drove back and got the yummy burritos, anything for my 2nd level yellow belt. So proud of you Ava Dawn.
Ava and her fellow Yellow Belts

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