Bus Trip

My car died on Friday and had to get towed to the shop for repairs. It happened to die as I was driving in the parking lot of my gym, with Scarlett in back. A nice man pushed it out of the flow of traffic where we waited for Kevin to come save us. He arrived and was not able to get it going so we called AAA for a tow. I proceeded to walk home with Scarlett at a snails pace, more like a slugs pace. 20 minutes into our walk Kevin calls us and says we have to come back because I had the AAA card, duh what was I thinking!

Once back at the broken car we pile into Kevin's orange truck. I illegally sit Scarlett on my lap and Kevin took us home. Now what was I going to do with my kids all weekend with out  a car? I know lets go downtown on the bus!

My girls are definitely privileged as they have never been on a public bus. Ava was excited and a little nervous. Most anything new makes her nervous. She must get that from me. We climbed on bus #66, Scarlett on my lap and Ava glued to my side. The girls were very quiet and somber on the ride and Ava said, Mommy I feel weird with out a seat belt,what if we crash? I replied Busses dont crash . She is my rule abiding child for sure.

Once downtown we hit the book store, toy store, pizza my heart, and then Marini's ice cream shop. We all had a great time and was definitely a fun way to spend the day. We are so privileged to use the bus as recreation rather than a need.  I would say our bus outing was the one plus of my car breaking down.

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