Sunday, February 6, 2011

Ava's Obsessions

Do all kids have obsessions or just Ava? Ava has always dove feverishly into her passions. So far Scarlett loves lots of things but doesn't obsess about any one thing.  I am wondering if all kids go through these crazy die hard phases?

A re-cap of Ava's Obsessions

2 years old - Diego, she had the sheets, blankets, and all the toys.

3 years old - Horses, we had a very impressive collection of Breyer horses.

4  years old - Pokemon, she is still into these little creatures and has an impressive collection.

5 years old - Bakugan, there is drawer full of broken old Bakugan, they dont work after a while.

6  years old - Owls and Birds, sparked be reading the Guardians of Ga'hoole books. Excellent series by the way!

I wonder what it will be next year?

If you have a minute, share your kids obsessions, curious if they all go through this stuff...


  1. ~Bella~

    2-Thomas the train
    3-My Little Ponies
    4-Polly Pocket
    5-Horses and Unicorns
    7-Littlest Pet Shops (she has so freakin many.)
    8-Bugs and Dragons
    9-We shall see.....

  2. I totally forgot Dragons! How can I forget dragons?! Oh and went through bat loving phase.We got her a bat stuffed animal for her birthday...

  3. My son is like this - construction vehicles, then dinos, now lego.

    My daughter on the other hand is just a hoarder. She's obsessed with keeping everything. Makes me nuts.

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  4. my daughter is a toy hoarder. lol
    Following you from MBC simply follow-please follow back. :) Nice to meet you!

  5. My kids all went through their obessions at those ages..that kind of went away as they got older. My youngest is 5 and his thing is everythign Lego right now :)
    Thanks for following me, I'm now following you as well!

  6. Toy Story and dragons are ALL that my sons care about. Somehow ANYTHING we do relates back to one of these 2 topics. It's sort of interesting to watch their interests change, but a little sad, too. I'm sort of attached to Woody and Buzz! :)

  7. My daughter is only 18 months so her obsessions don't last as long but right now she is obsessed with bubbles and water! Every time she sees a sink, its "bubbles." I hope she becomes obsessed with putting away her toys next. ;) New follower from MBC.

  8. Ivy:
    My Pretty Pony
    BUGS!!!! (she made a necklace that said 'BugGirl')
    Modest Mouse
    The Murder City Devils
    Tamora Pierce books
    Harry Potter
    Greek Mythology
    The Movie Amelie
    Pegicorns (her made-up mythological creature)

    Any vehicles: cars, trucks, planes
    Thomas the Tank Engine
    Beanie Baby 'Big-Eyes'...that's what we call 'em
    The Magic School Bus
    Star Wars!!!!


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