I Will Never...

Before I had both my children - I was the queen of saying I will never. I  have broken every one of my rules below. With baby number 3 coming, I am sure I will break even more.

I will never

* Let my kids watch tv every day

* Let my kids eat lolly pops

* Want a minivan with a dvd player in it

* Buy fruit cups or choc chip granola bars

* Buy sugar cereal

* Feed the kids frozen meals

* Let my kids have soda

* Make a 2nd meal for my finnicky eater

* Buy my kids a toy for no reason

* Have juice in the fridge

* Hold my baby all the time

* Let my kids play video games

Before kids I didn't realize they would have their own little personalities and desires. What kind of mom would I be if I didn't bend a little...

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