Thursday, February 3, 2011

I Will Never...

Before I had both my children - I was the queen of saying I will never. I  have broken every one of my rules below. With baby number 3 coming, I am sure I will break even more.

I will never

* Let my kids watch tv every day

* Let my kids eat lolly pops

* Want a minivan with a dvd player in it

* Buy fruit cups or choc chip granola bars

* Buy sugar cereal

* Feed the kids frozen meals

* Let my kids have soda

* Make a 2nd meal for my finnicky eater

* Buy my kids a toy for no reason

* Have juice in the fridge

* Hold my baby all the time

* Let my kids play video games

Before kids I didn't realize they would have their own little personalities and desires. What kind of mom would I be if I didn't bend a little...


  1. What about the "I will never....give them cough syrup just to make them sleepy"? Oh, maybe that was just me! lol!!! Love you my daughter!!

  2. So true. Being a mom makes one really familiar with the word COMPROMISE.

  3. When you get older you will learn to say "I will never say never."

  4. OOOh, if you can stick to those, you are better then me!!!

    Love you to visit me back- saw you on Mom Bloggers!

  5. I am definitely with you on some of those and could add a few of my own! Cool on your dh being a fisherman ... I used to be in fisheries myself ... before kiddos.

    New to following you from MBC!

  6. I said so many of the same things! I can say I have done exactly ALL of those and more that I said I wouldnt do in the almost 16 years I have been a parent. We relax as the years go on (or at least I have) on certain things and realize there are bigger battles. Believe, me I have a whole new set of battles with my teenagers! Some of those are going to the birds too - As moms, we live and learn. :)


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