Mosquito War

Mosquitoes have taken over our house! They sneak in during the day and hide in wait for us to go to sleep.

I climb into bed completely exhausted and just start to trickle off to sleep when it happens. ZZZZZZzzzzz right in my ear. I have to get up turn the lights on, get the bug zapper and destroy. Half the time I cant even find the little bugger. It can go on like this for a couple hours. Im telling you, it is worse than having a newborn.

Our nightly ritual involves the 4 of us going from room to room hunting these obnoxious bugs. The kids get really into it, flashlights and all.

Kevin and I have to sleep with our duel bug zappers in hand. The only light at the end of this tunnel is that winter is quickly approaching. I am hoping for a good night sleep as soon as we get our first frost.

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