Thursday, April 7, 2011

Scarlett has been going through a new phase and it is not pretty. She has taken the terrible twos to a new level. This spirited child needs to do everything herself and has to call the shots. This is normal and age appropriate but when she decides to not change a wet, soppy diaper, or wear shoes to school, I have to step in and make her do it. I have a genuine fear of making her do anything. I literally cringe because I know what is about to happen.

This is how it goes down.

Me - You have to change your diaper, if you do not let me, I will make you.
Scarlett - NO!!! (run away)
Me - You need a fresh diaper (Kevin helps me hold her down while I change it)

Then all hell breaks loose, which usually involves screaming, crying and yelling and there is NOTHING I can do to get her to stop. She usually takes her diaper, shoes, pants or whatever was forced upon her off and we are back where we started.

I have tried all the positive parenting strategies.

*That hurts my ears when you scream
*It hurts when you hit me
*Hands are for playing
*You can choose your diaper and I will put it on
*If you dont get dressed you will loose your desert privilege

After I exhaust these tools I count to 10 and tell myself to stay calm. Kevin can get her to calm down more often than I can, but not always. These episodes now occur daily if not a few times each day. Maybe I used to employ slave children in my past life and now I am paying for it?

I swear she drives me to drink. When she is having one of her episodes I wish I had a closet I could go hide in. I know I make it sound funny but its really hard and I feel like she loves me but doesn't like me. It just sucks and nothing seems to work. I know all kids have fits, but Scarlett takes it to a new level.

Ava was super hard when she was 3 and we got through it. Believe it or not, Ava used to physically attack me when she had her fits, which happened daily. I seem to have have forgotten this stage and now I am back 100%  in it. Kevin and I  make really spirited children and I love them dearly, but this stage sucks.

I have been told Scarlett is just like Kevin when he was a baby, so its all his fault! I hate to complain so much so here is a clip of Scarlett being cute as a button. Cute or not, I am going a bit mental...


  1. LOL. I know how you feel and my baby is only 14months! Maybe I am not such a great mommy LOL.

  2. I just want to say this to you from some one who has been there and survived; This too shall pass. Really, it will!

  3. My older boy went through this at 3 - but my younger son (who is almost 4) is so much, um, more "spirited"! I totally feel your pain. I'm just hanging on to the belief that when 4 comes, he will turn into a relatively reasonable human being, just like his brother! Love your honest take on life, Mama.


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