Monday, April 25, 2011

No More Burn Doctors

Good news! We had Scarlett's last appointment with the burn specialist, Dr. Karanas. She said that Scarlett's arm and skin graft area should grow fine and she will not need any more graft surgeries. Woo hoo!! It has been one year since she pulled down the cup of hot tea on her arm, causing a 2nd degree burn.

She no longer has to wear the pressure garments but we do need to keep it 100% protected from the sun for the next 2 years if not longer. No more Dr. appointments in San Jose. Daily lotion massages on the graft area are necessary. Dr. Karanas said the raised textured scar will be there forever, but once she is old enough to care they can do corrective surgery. We have a long time before we even have to think about that.

I am so thankful for the awesome care of the burn specialists at Valley Medical, we are so lucky to live near  such a great hospital. Now we just need to get through the rest of her life with only minor booboos and scrapes.


  1. Poor girl... but great news! Here's to healing :)

  2. So so glad she's healing well, and how great that she won't need more surgery! And look how happy she is; what a great picture! Vera burnt herself when she reached a cup of hot fresh tea, just like your Scarlett. It was in September, and the two of us were home alone. I saw the tea and the cup midair, but it was too late. I'll never forget. Rushed there, and sort of pushed her out of the way, slipping on the wet floor (by this time the tea wasn't midair anymore), catching her. But the damage was done. Second degree burn on her upper left arm, and first degree on her chin and chest. Worst thing I've ever been through, all categories. Worst thing she's been through too. She didn't need surgery, though, and all you can see now is a sligh change in color on her arm. It's like you have to know it's there to see it.

    And as you say; all we need to do now is to get through the rest of her life with only minor scrapes... Yeah - when you know all you have to do is look away. One second.


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