Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I Blew It

I was kid free today so I went shopping for Easter basket treats. I got some fun yummy things and left the bag on my bed. I meant to put it away, tucked up out of sight in the closet, but I forgot.

Ava gets home around 3 pm from a day at the Boys and Girls Club. She was in a super grumpy mood so I ignored her and did some gardening outside. I asked her to go get her gi on for karate class, which is kept in my room next to the bed. I rush in a bit later to get going to karate and see the opened goody bag on my bed. When I ask her if she saw the things I got for Easter, she said yes like it was no big deal. I tried to act casual as I tell her I got candy for the easter egg hunt, hoping she did not see the little things that are supposed to be from the Easter bunny himself. She said mommy I saw you got us chocolate bunnies! Damn, those are not supposed to be from me!

Now that the cat was out of the bag, I was still trying to save the quickly disappearing image of her friend the Easter bunny. I told her I got some surprises for her and Scarlett to add to their baskets, but at least she will  still be surprised by the treats the Easter bunny will bring her. She totally bought it and said yeah she cant wait to see what he brings her.

Now I have to go buy more chocolate bunnies and candy for their baskets so the farce can continue for at least one more year. Thank goodness kids want to believe the unbelievable.

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  1. I wonder if maybe Ava senses how much it means to you to "protect the Easter Bunny" that she's just running with whatever you say.

    With my own, they are always asking me to pretend to be someone or something. Dramatic play is a virtue in their lives...I believe they want to savor all the fantasy they can...at least until they reach our age..and begin to long for it again. :)

    ...and we've had similar moments at Christmas time...too funny! This is a good outlet for you...and the girls will LOVE reading all of it one day.


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