Saturday, April 2, 2011

Flashlights are fun

I was at Home Depot and bought the girls a 2 pack of red flashlights for $3.50. Deal of the day! I thought it was such a great idea. I got the same color so they would not fight over them. Hours of fun for less than 5 dollars, what a cool mommy I am.

What was I thinking? Getting Scarlett to bed is hard enough. Now I added a bright light to to the mix. 45 minutes after I put the girls to bed, I can hear her laughing away and then Ava comes out to say, she wont stop putting the light on my face. When I glance in their room it is like the lazer show at the I Max theater.

 It gets so bad, Ava says she feels like her eyes are going blind. At this point I tell her to go into our bed to fall asleep. 30 minutes later both kids are asleep. Note to self - Giving Scarlett a flashlight to take to bed is a really bad idea...


  1. You get points for getting them the same color at least :)

    Don't you love it when your bright ideas aren't too bright…or are TOO bright :P

  2. My mom and dad used to get flashlights for us too. I used to like to shine the light behind closed fingers and try and see the bones in my hand. Okay so this was way before the internet, actually it may have been before color tv! lol xoxoxoxo

  3. LadyofIB, I used to do the same thing (and I'd look at the capillaries in my fingers)! Mom knew I wanted to be a doctor, so she indulged me. But I didn't have a sister to blind, which was probably a good thing, because I'm sure I would have done that, too.

  4. After the novelty wears off - flashlights might be a great thing. All my kids have one - and if you get tired of them playing with them - no worries - the batteries wear out eventually.

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