Notes From the Womb - 38 weeks

Only 2 more weeks to the supposed due date, April 1st!!!! I cant believe we are already at this point, ready to pop like a ripe juicy peach.

I learned at my last Dr appointment that I am 3cm dilated, 70% effaced, and -1 station. For those of you who have no idea what this means, it means when I do go into labor to get my ass to the hospital QUICK, this baby is gonna come fast.

I've gained 23 lbs so far and my tummy is growing by the day. I know it may seem impossible but my tatas keep getting bigger and bigger. I am frightened for when my milk comes in. This may forever wreck my awesome plastic surgeons beautiful work... Oh well gotta embrace the benefits of motherhood.

I am slowing down but still working out and doing boot camp, although it is way harder these days. I usually pee a bit when I do jumping jacks. The highlight of my day is when I get to poo, or I should say IF I get to poo. I'm guessing this baby is invading my colon and seriously affecting this daily ritual.

I was hoping she would be born yesterday on St Patricks day because Kevin said we could name her Ireland, which is my first choice, but not Kevin's. Yes, we still have not decided on a name but have a bunch we each like but the other one doesn't. (Willa, Cathryn, Violet, Cat, Juliette, Ruby) I am hoping when we see her one of these names will stick.

38 Weeks Pregnant

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