39 weeks 4 days and Over it....

I am extremely pregnant and so over it. This baby feels like it will never come out. I know I am being impatient and I should relish these days with only 2 kids, but I dont do patient.

I cant go from sitting to standing without a ton of effort. I cant breathe, have constant heartburn, and puffy swollen feet. Sleeping is a bitch. I lay in bed waiting for a reasonable hour to get up.

The baby is so low, and I am 3cm dilated so I can reach in and feel her head (she has no hair like baby Scarlett). I know it sounds weird but all you full term mammas should try it, its super cool! Tip - do it in the shower in a squat.

I dont have much else to say other than "Come out Baby!!!!!"

39+ Weeks Pregnant

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