Poor Yellow Chair

I get pissed when Scarlett spits at me, scratches me, or throws a fit when I try to get her in the car. I cant stand it when she she starts screaming "owie, owie, owie" over and over in public. It really drives me crazy how whenever I make a phone call she decides to cry or freak out.

Kevin manages to keep his cool and calm her in most situations. He doesn't seem to allow her to ruffle his feathers, even when she says "I dont like you Daddy" He just smiles and ignores her.

You want to know what pisses Kevin off? When Scarlett does something dangerous and ends up hurting herself.

Yesterday, Scarlett brought this cute little yellow chair by the stove where she is not allowed to be for obvious reasons. Both her and Ava have both been burned and we have strict rules about being by the stove. She was trying to push me away while carelessly balancing on this chair. Both Kevin and I were telling her "No way, not safe" and then boom, she completely ate it, falling to the hard kitchen floor.

I thought, cool maybe she will learn not to do that. Kevin proceeded to grab the yellow chair and smash it on the floor. It broke into many pieces and then he threw it into the living room. I really liked that chair because my dad gave it to us and I think it was an antique.

Scarlett, did a double take and then threw a shit fit about how daddy broke her chair. He calmly explained to her that she should listen to us when we tell her not to do something. She continued to follow him around the house, screaming until eventually she wanted him to give her a hug and pick her up. The two of them ended up sitting by the fire, having a father daughter moment while burning the remnants of the chair...

I plan to use this to my advantage  by saying "Dont do that or Daddy will break it and then burn it"

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