1st child vs 3rd

Pre kids - What the hell did I do with all my free time? I honestly have no idea...

1st child
*When Ava was born we had a ton of time to bond. I would take a bath with her every single day. We did this for 4 years. Thats a ton of bath time!

*No formula, all breast milk.

*We would take long walks overlooking the ocean.

* I would nurse her down for a nap daily and when that did not work I would driver to holy hell and back to get her to sleep.

*I would make her a variety of healthy and thoughtful meals. I made sure Ava had plenty to eat and made sure she ate enough dinner.  I carried snacks and a sippy cup every time we went out, I had a mini grocery store in my diaper bag.

*I always stuck to our schedule.

* I rarely left her side because she was a major clingon. When I did leave she cried buckets.

* Ava did swimming, gymnastics, mommy and me classes, karate, dance, horse back riding, you name it she did it.

*No candy or sweets! I was super controlling about the food she ate.

*I would leave her dinner for her until she ate it all or save it to heat up for later.

*No coming in our bed, ever. Ava still always stays in her bed.

2nd child 
*Scarlett does get a bath about every-other day, sometimes every 3 days, but with her sister. I occasionally join them, but its pretty crowded! When she was an infant I would smell her neck folds to see if a bath was truly necessary. No cheese, no bath.

*No time for leisurely walks, but occasional  runs with me in the jogger.

* Gave in and gave her some formula, gave my tatas a break

* Naps? What naps?

*I try to keep something to eat in my purse, but usually it is an old bag of crushed goldfish. I never have a sippy, but she learned pretty young how to drink out of my water bottle.  I dont worry if she ate enough, I figure she wont starve.

* If she does not eat her dinner, someone else does. Better eat your food here in the Carney house or else someone else will.

*Her schedule is dominated by Ava's school, karate, and dance schedule and my gym classes. She has not done any toddler classes. Thankfully she is in daycare part time and gets to do a dance class at my gym while I work out.

*She happily waves bye when I leave. Happy to be on her own with Daddy.

*Sure, treats and candy arent so bad. Do cookies count as a snack? Chocolate chip banana bread for breakfast? Sure, I figure it has bananas in it...

* Sure if its after midnight I let her int he bed, sometimes if I'm super tired she sneaks in sooner.

3rd child - ????

My goal is to keep it clean and fed, not sure how much more I can promise.

Say hello to family bed, no room for a crib, the girls room is too small.  Good things kids are so adaptable...

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