Safeway is Cool

The reason I created this blog was to record those awesome kid moments that I always forget to write down. I also wanted to keep the long distance family connected. So far its been fun and one day in the far away future my kids will have an arsenal of stories to remember me by.

A month ago a Safeway/Vons rep contacted me asking if I could do a review on the Mom to Mom pull-up and diaper brand. The funny thing was, that same day I bought a pack of Safeway pull-ups because Ava is still struggling with wetting the bed. The rep said she would send me a pack to try out.

I was so excited because we have been struggling with wet sheets for so long now that I make sure Ava is always in a pull-up. It doesn't seem to be getting any better and we have visited the doctor to be informed that nothing is wrong and that this could go on for years. YEARS!! That is a lot of money spent on pull-ups. So naturally that was why I bought the Safeway brand, called Mom to Mom, in the purple package. They are way cheaper than the rest. I bought them today for 7.99 when all the other packs were 11.99. They work equally as good and save me a bundle.

The coolest part of the story is that Safeway sent me TWO 25$ Safeway gift cards in the mail. The perks of blogging are great!

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