Closet Barbie

Ava has never been interested in barbies, dolls, or princesses. When ever we go to the toy store she prefers the boy sections.

The other day I found her in the bathroom playing with Scarlett's new Cinderella Barbie, brushing it's hair and getting it dressed. She had this guilty look on her face when I walked in and it took me a few seconds to figure out why. Then I saw the barbie behind her back.  I told her the hair looked great!

She is hesitant to embrace her girlyness that seems to be coming out these days, so I am trying to help her foster it by encouraging her.

When we were at the baby resale shop she found an old misfit looking Ariel Barbie. After the Barbie purchase I offered to make it some clothes because the ones she came in were gross and falling apart. A couple hours later, Ariel was a new woman, dressed up in ocean blue. Ava then made me a happy mamma by showing all her friends and their parents the outfit I made. She really liked it!  I plan to make many more Barbie outfits and let my inner girlyness come out too!

Long dress transforms to short

Cocktail dress 

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