Monday, June 27, 2011

Sticker Chart

We just got back from our annual two week trip to San Diego which was a blast. The hard part about traveling is the aftermath of behavioral problems that young kids exhibit from being way off their normal routine.

Scarlett is no exception. She has perfected the art of letting us know things are out of whack. She has been spitting, scratching my face off, refusing to get dressed or get in the car, and flat out refusing to go to bed. She has brought me to tears on numerous occasions and we have only been back for 4 days now.

I am trying my damnedest to be a good mom and not respond with hysterics and spankings. I made up this fancy chart with 25 empty boxes on it. I explained to Scarlett that every time she does something good, like get dressed or get in the car with out a freak out, she earns a sticker. When every box is full, I will take her to buy a toy. She seemed to be very excited by this new reward chart and very proud when she earned a sticker.

The 2nd day of the chart, I walk into the kitchen to see why Scarlett was being so quiet. I found her with the reward stickers, filling in the empty boxes. I couldn't help but laugh as I explained to her how she cant fill in the stickers but she has to earn them. She then tried to explain to me, how she wanted to get a toy so needed more stickers...


  1. Creative problem solving at work! That's one smart cookie. :)

  2. Sounds like you're having a real rough time, and I can so see how it drives you to tears. Sometimes w Vera, hugging her stops her the best. Really weird, but if she throws a fit and instead of correcting her I sit down with her, and just hold her like a baby, that helps. And it's not like I want to reward bad behaviour with love and hugs, but sometimes it's like that's what she needs and she's too exhausted or angry or somethings else to tell it in words.
    That thing with the stickers was so cute - you're great!


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