Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My mom did that

As I get older I find I do more and more things that my mother did when I was growing up. The weirdest part is that these things drove me nuts when I was a kid. How did her behaviors get ingrained in who I am today? Will the same thing happen to my kids?

My mom has a thing against bright lights. She was always telling me to turn off the huge, bright kitchen light. You see I liked the lights and thought she was odd to have such an aversion to them.  Now I am the one who walks into the bathroom to find the super bright light smacking me in the face with its illumination.

My mom always made me wear socks in the house, which drove me crazy. I did not understand why she even cared. Now in my ripe age of 33 my feet feel icky & gross when they are sock free. I cant handle the feeling of the cold kitchen floor with dust bunnies and god knows what sicking to my naked feet.

When I was a kid my mom had this annoying habit of making me 'boogie' on the way to school or pretty much anywhere. She would turn the music up and  poke me over and over to the beat, telling me to 'boogie'. Ava knows that she is in trouble when my favorite song comes on and she is ordered to 'boogie'.

One special memory I have is how my mom and I would always go to the book store and she would always buy me a book. Often we lived frugally, but books never fell into this money saving category. The book store was always a place of fun. Now I find myself taking Ava to the book store and telling her she can pick a book. She is just starting to read and I am following my mothers example.

I wonder if my kids will grow up and find themselves doing things that I do?


  1. Ha! This is so true! I catch myself saying things that my mom said to me when i was growing up. I don't know if I should laugh or cry in that moment...

  2. I am amazed at how much like my mother I am (even though I vowed to NEVER be like her, don't we all?). I am also very glad for my mom-tendencies because now I realize how truly awesome she is and how much it takes to run a household. Although I do have some of her quirks, I also have a lot of her best qualities too!

    I'm a new follower from Mom Bloggers, so nice to meet you.

    Stacey@ www.justsayitoldyouso.com


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