Friday, June 8, 2012

I am a Cow

I was not sure how nursing would go after getting my new tatas, but they still work! Mostly...

I am sitting here writing this blog entry as I nurse Willa on my left and pump on my right. You may wonder how I do this. I cut a hole in a sports bra so I can put the pumper through, hands free!  Picture a dairy cow with the little pumpers attached to her udders.

Normally I would be extatic to have all this sucking and tugging going on, but my poor tatas have had enough for a while.

You see, much of my day revolves around nursing, pumping, massaging, exfoliating, and taking a handful of supplements to ensure I make enough milk for sweet Willa.

When Ava was 8 months old, my right dried up. When Scarlett was 4 months, it happened again. Now Willa is almost 2 months and I am doing everything in my power to keep making milk. I take 9 pills of fenugreek,  combined with 4 pills of Domperidone, and a ton of water.

My day begins and ends with nursing and pumping. Once again my life revolves around my boobs but this time in a completely different way. I feel so in touch with my inner cow and can truly relate to my bovine cousin, moooooo...

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